Wireless HD throughout Your House

As home electronic devices have proliferated, so has the problem of unsightly and jumbled cords. The more we developed the ability to connect those devices together, the more cords increased still more. Besides being a pain to set up, those cords are messy, collect dirt and constitute a possible fire hazard in some cases. Recently manufacturers have worked to reduce that number, but HDMI cords can still ruin the aesthetic of a flat screen TV hanging on a wall, and limit where you can place your electronics.

One solution has been offered by, as Amimon, an Israeli-based fabless semi-conductor company who invented the Wireless High Definition Interface, which allows a 1080p video signal to transmit up to 100 feet, through walls, all over your home. That is an uncompressed digital signal equivalent to what you would get through a HDMI cable. The chipset for WHDI comes in high-end plasma and LCD TVs, projectors, DVD players, computers, A/V receivers, game consoles, cameras and multiple accessories.

Complete wireless is sort of the holy grail of home entertainment. Every A/V wire in your entire house can go out the window with the ability to share HD content without regard for proximity or location. What’s more, all those devices will be automatically connected to all of the others, in a multi-point-to-multi-point effortless network. Its applications extend beyond the home to business and commercial uses too, but for you, it means unprecedented connectivity.

Although starting out expensive, this technology is getting increasingly cost effective. You do not buy directly from Amimon, but electronics companies purchase and include their chips to increase the salability and value of their products. Soon, it will cost you very little more to purchase a WHDI compatible TV than a regular one. As time goes on you will see wireless becoming the preferred mode for HD viewing, eventually rendering cords obsolete. Currently, there are two set-ups available, allowing you to either have it embedded on one end with an external receiver box on the other, or to transmit between two embedded devices.

With the same ease that you can turn on a laptop or smartphone and start surfing the internet using a Wi-Fi connection, you will be able, within your home, to turn on a TV or similar device and receive HD video and audio. That is a tremendous increase in convenience. Probably someday, our children will look back and marvel at how we put up with A/V cords the same way that we marvel that our parents put up with corded telephones. Mobility, flexibility, connectivity and ease of access are the goals of modern technologies, and wireless HD certainly provides all of them. It is the simplest way to network CEs throughout your house, without fuss and without constraints. Its fast, with less than a millisecond lag time, strong enough to reach over your entire house, and provides the pristine visual and audio quality you’ve come to demand. Moreover, that flat screen TV has never looked less like an electronic and more like a work of art.

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