When might you need an HDMI cable with a micro or mini connector?

HDMI cables are designed to be useful with a huge range of different devices, and in a number of different situations.

It used to be the case that HDMI connectivity could only be enjoyed in the home, but there are now HDMI cables and accessories that are designed for use on the move. This means you can enjoy the benefits of HDMI whilst travelling, on holiday or even in the boardroom.

One of the features which make HDMI cables so flexible and versatile is the many connector types they come with. You can find standard HDMI cable connectors for use in home entertainment systems and even automotive connector systems for use in vehicles. However, by far the most handy and portable are mini and micro connectors.

Micro and mini connectors can be used to connect smart phones, tablet computers and mp3 players to laptops, PCs, TVs and displays so that you can stream and share content from one to the other. You can also use them to display images and videos from digital cameras and camcorders on larger screens, to create your own photo or video slideshows and presentations.

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