Weighing up cost and quality when buying HDMI cables

The biggest issue many people face when trying to buy new HDMI cables is whether they should go for the cheapest ones available, or whether they should see a higher price tag and a well-known brand as a sign of quality and choose those cables instead.

This is a topic that has been fiercely debated by home entertainment fans for years, but there is quite a simple answer available. All you need to do when shopping for HDMI cables is look for those that display the label ‘HDMI Certified’. Without this certification, there is no guarantee that the cable you buy will perform up to the expected level.

Of course, there are sometimes benefits to be gained by spending a little more on your HDMI cables. You can now find high speed cables, or those with an in-built Ethernet Channel, which offer you more features and a superior level of performance. You may also want to buy the latest version of HDMI cables, HDMI 1.4.

All of these varieties of HDMI cable tend to cost a little more, but the difference in price is negligible, especially when you consider the benefits you get with these kinds of advanced cables.

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