Three top tips for buying HDMI cables

If you are setting up a home entertainment system for the first time, or even just buying a device or gadget featuring the latest technology, the most important accessories you will need are HDMI cables.

Not just any old HDMI cable will do, however. There is nothing more disappointing than trying to set up your new entertainment system and realising that the HDMI cables you have are outdated and don’t offer support for newer technology. This is why it is important to follow these three top tips for buying HDMI cables:

1. Don’t be talked into buying over-priced HDMI cables in the shop. Many people find themselves buying expensive HDMI cables along with their new gaming system, HD TV or Blu-ray player, just because a salesperson has recommended them. This is not the cheapest way to get a quality HDMI cable.

2. Compare prices online and shop around. Browse on any of the cables UK sites online for the best deal before buying. A little bit of time spent comparing prices can often get you a great money-saving deal.

3. Make sure you buy the right HDMI cables. Check what you need support for (i.e. super-high resolution video, 3D TV etc) and buy the corresponding HDMI cables. HDMI 1.4, the latest version, should be suitable for most applications.

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