The five HDMI connector types pt.2

As we have already mentioned in the previous part of this guide, there are five main HDMI connector types. Whilst you may not come across some of the older or less commonly used types during your search for new HDMI cables, it can be useful to know about the different HDMI types nonetheless.

Type A, Type B and Type C have been covered in pt.1 of this guide, but there are two more you should know about – Type D and Type E.

Type D HDMI connector

This connector is defined in the HDMI 1.4 specification, making it one of the latest to have been made available by HDMI manufacturers. It is a micro connector, which means that it has the same standard 19 pin configuration as Types A and C, but it is shrunk down so as to be as small as a micro USB connector.

Type E HDMI connector

Like Type D, this connector is also defined in the HDMI 1.4 specification. This, however, is where the similarity between the two types ends. The Type E connector is an automotive connection system commonly used as a way to incorporate HDMI connectivity into vehicles. Examples of use include delivering HD video content to a seatback display or a dashboard display.

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