Integrate your 3D laptop with your 3D TV using HDMI cables

The electronics giant LG has announced that in 2012, it plans to release a flurry of brand new 3D products. These include state of the art 3D TV displays and other devices, but the latest announcement reveals that LG will launch three new 3D laptop computers.

If you are a fan of 3D technology, you will doubtless be very excited at this news. What it will mean is that you will be able to enjoy 3D technology in virtually every part of your home entertainment system. You can watch 3D films and TV content on your 3D-enabled TV, and then pop on your laptop for more 3D fun.

Amongst the many features promised by LG in its new 3D laptops, the most exciting are the glasses-free 3D displays, the 3D editing programmes for videos and games, the 3D dual webcams and the 4.1 channel 3D sound.

Provided you have HDMI 1.4 cables in your possession, you will be able to edit video and games on your 3D laptop, connect the device to your 3D TV and then enjoy your handiwork on the big screen.

These latest announcements from LG will revolutionise the way you use your home entertainment system, but this new technology would be nothing without the support of the trusty HDMI cable.

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