Information you should know about HDMI splitters

An HDMI splitter is an incredibly useful device which allows you to connect any number of devices to your home entertainment system via HDMI cables, even if the devices in question don’t have enough HDMI input ports to accommodate everything you want to connect.

How do HDMI splitters work?

An HDMI splitter allows you to split one HDMI source signal to two or more outputs. It can be used to add better access to more HDMI ports in your home entertainment system, or even to split the signal from one device (i.e. your cable box) to two television screens.

Do HDMI splitters degrade the signal quality?

The answer to this often depends on who you ask, but as long as you buy high quality HDMI cables, a high quality HDMI splitter, and the video content or broadcast is of high enough quality, you shouldn’t encounter any problems with signal quality.

What to look for when shopping for an HDMI splitter

When you’re browsing online for HDMI splitters, make sure you look for one which is compatible with the version of HDMI cables (i.e. HDMI 1.4 cables) you are using. You should also look for brands which match those you already have in your home, as these are the most likely to be compatible and offer the best performance.

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