HDMI cable troubleshooting – 3D TV

It would be nice if every piece of technology you use in your everyday life would work as it is supposed to, without you having to troubleshoot problems. However, it is not always so straightforward, especially when connecting up devices in your home entertainment system.

As with any new technology, you will need to make a few adjustments to your setup if you plan to enjoy 3D in your home.

The following are a couple of the most common problems relating to HDMI cables and 3D TV, and how to fix them.

1. When trying to play 3D films, my TV screen just goes blank
The most likely cause for this is that one of the components is not set up for 3D, such as your TV for example. You need to ensure you get a 3D-enabled TV and Blu-player, plus HDMI 1.4 cables, in order to watch 3D movies.

2. When I try to watch a 2D film on my 3D TV, the screen just goes blank
To fix this problem, you need to change your TV’s settings so that it can display both 2D and 3D content. The best setting may be ‘auto’ or something similar, to tell your TV to display all incoming signals.

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