HDMI and Smartphone

HDMI has become a popular data transfer interface in recent times and the computer and appliance manufacturers are using it more and more in their products. It is much better at handling lossless data transfer between compatible devices and gadgets. The HD media revolution has helped its growth.

How does the device utilise HDMI?

Before HDMI became popular the majority of the phones were shipped with USB port for PC connectivity and data transfer. However, data transfer through UDSB has its limitations. The present generation smart phones especially those running on the Android OS are as powerful as a standalone computer. They need a faster and more efficient way of PC connectivity and media transfer. A lot of these smart phones have mini HDMI port. This was introduced with HDMI version 1.3. These ports can be used to connect the device with a PC as well as a HDTV easily.

Advantage of using HDMI port in the device

The benefits of having HDMI port in a smart phone are obvious. The smart phone owners can watch movies stored on the memory card of their phone on a larger screen by connecting the phone with the LCD TV. They need to use a HDMI cable. Earlier this was possible with a desktop or laptop having a HDMI port. Hence, they can carry a number of HD movies in their pockets and see it on a large display with HDMI whenever they want.

LatestĀ developmentsĀ in the technology

The smart phone owners can utilize the HDMI mirroring feature to use the TV as a screen for their device. This facility however is only available in a limited number of dual core and high end Android devices. With this they can use the smart phone OS to run on the larger display. Thereafter they can play games, run presentations and do almost everything that is possible with their smart phones on a large screen TV. However, for using this feature the phone should have at least Android 2.2 installed.
HDMI is evolving rather fast for a technology and the advent of version 1.4 has opened a new vista of possibilities for the users. The 3D wave sweeping the movie and HDTV industry is also catching up with smart phone manufacturers. LG already has released its smart phone that can capture 3D images and video. The next few years may see the evolution of 3D HD entertainment and HDMI will play a prominent role in it.

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