HDMI 1.4 cables – introducing the Ethernet channel

The world of home entertainment is changing all the time, and it is moving faster than most other technologies can cope with. This is the same for analogue connector cables, which are simply unable to keep up with changes and advances in home entertainment technology.

The unique thing about HDMI, a new digital way to connect home entertainment devices, is that it is constantly being revised to incorporate support for a range of new technologies. This allows it to keep up with technological improvements better than other cables.

With each revision, new features are added. With the latest version, HDMI 1.4 cables, the newest addition is the Ethernet channel.

How does it work?

The Ethernet channel on HDMI 1.4 cables is designed to allow devices to send and receive data between each other. This data transfer is able to happen with the help of your Broadband connection, so it happens at lightning speed.

As your devices are able to share your internet connection, there is no need to wait around for transfers to take place, nor do you need to connect any additional cables to share data between devices.

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