HDMI the latest craze in digital connectivity is sweeping the consumer electronics and computer hardware industry these days. The LCD HDTVs come equipped with two or more HDMI ports these days. This makes it easy for the users to connect more than one HDMI device to the TV set at once.

How does HDMI connect to my High definition TV
There is no problem in connecting a HDMI enabled device to a HDTV. The devices like cable set top box and laptops can be connected to a HDTV. Gaming consoles and Blu Ray Players can also be connected to a HDTV easily. The majority of HDTVs have the HDMI ports either at their back or their sides. It is convenient to buy HDTVs with side HDMI ports as that can be helpful if the users want to wall mount the unit. The HDMI ports are marked by both symbols and words at the side or back of the HDTVs.

How to find a HDMI port on the back of my TV
The HDMI ports often located at the back of the LCD and Plasma TVs are easy to locate. The HDMI ports are hexagonal in shape and they are much smaller than DVI and different from other types of ports. Unlike the S-Video and Component connections there is no need to connecting round shaped sockets with HDMI. HDMI transmits audio and video with a single cable and there is no possibility of clutter with it. The HDMI ports are usually located in a cluster at the back of the TV which makes finding them even easier for the users.

How does the HDMI cable make the picture look so great?
HDMI is a digital interface. It does not require conversion of data from analogue to digital and vice versa. What this means for the end users is that they get lossless pristine quality pictures in the HDTVs. There is nothing like deterioration of signal. If a cable is damaged it will not send any signal. HDMI also supports FullHD content transfer with high quality multichannel audio. That is why the Blu ray players come with HDMI port. HDMI also supports 3D content after the advent of version 1.4.
HDMI is going to be used in various other types of devices than HDTVs in neat future. Already the top end smart phones are featuring this port. The digital cameras are also being launched with HDMI.

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