Everything you need to know about colour spaces and HDMI cables pt.1

If you look down the list of features and functions offered by your HDMI cables, it is likely that you will not understand all of them unless you are something of an electronics buff. However, by finding out a little bit more about the cables which connect up your home entertainment system, you can unlock the potential of all your devices and get the best from your setup.

One thing that many people ask about when looking at HDMI features is colour spaces, advanced support for which is offered by HDMI cable versions 1.3 and beyond. So, what are colour spaces, how do they affect your home entertainment system, and why do your HDMI cables need to offer support for them?

In terms of home entertainment, a colour space is a system for representing a colour palette numerically, for use in printing and in digital displays. There are a few types of these colour spaces commonly used in home entertainment, and some are more advanced than others.

In part 2 of this guide to colour spaces and HDMI cables, we will look at two of the most desirable colour spaces used in home entertainment devices – Deep Color and xvYCC.

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