Everything you need to know about CEC commands in HDMI cables

HDMI cables offer users many fantastic features and functions to use and enjoy, but none is quite so useful as CEC. This stands for Consumer Electronics Control, and it allows you to control and switch between all HDMI-connected devices in your home entertainment system using just the one remote.

The following are the main CEC which are carried through HDMI cables:

System standby – this switches all HDMI-connected devices to standby status
• Timer programming – this allows one device, such as your TV set, to control the timer programming of another, such as your DVD or Blu-ray player
One touch record – this is quite self-explanatory, as it means that the device starts recording immediately
Device menu control – this is where one device can access and use the menus of another
Preset transfer – this command transfers the tuner channel setup to another TV monitor
System information – this allows all components for bus addresses and configuration to be checked
Routing control – this controls the switching of signal sources
Remote control pass through – this relates to the pass through of remote control commands

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