Category 1 and 2 HDMI cables

As well as there being different lengths and versions of HDMI cables currently available, there are also two different categories. You need to know the difference between the two before shopping for HDMI cables.

Category 1 HDMI cables

These are standard HDMI cables, which are tested to perform at a certain speed. Category 1 HDMI cables are tested at speeds of 2.25 Gb per second or 75 MHZ, which is the equivalent of a 720p or 1080i signal.

Category 2 HDMI cables

These cables are classified as high speed HDMI cables, which perform much faster than Category 1 cables. They have been tested to perform at speeds of 10.2 Gb per second or 340 MHz, which is the equivalent of a 1080p signal. They are able to support increased resolutions and colour depths.

Which HDMI cable category should I choose?

Whilst standard HDMI cables are fine for everyday use, those who are home entertainment fans or want a superior viewing experience should opt for Category 2 high speed HDMI cables. They cost ever so slightly more than Category 1 cables, but most users consider them to be worth the money.

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