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DVI to HDMI cable

DVI to HDMI cable

DVI is also known by its full name known as Digital Visual Interface. This technology serves the purpose of transferring a high quality video on all digital electronic devices such as like HDTV, computer, LCD or any device that has the facility of a display screen. This technology serves the purpose of transferring a high quality video on all digital electronic devices such as HDTV, computer, LCD or any device that has the facility of a display screen. The most common purpose of using this DVI cable is to inter-connect two different monitors to experience dual monitor purpose. You could also connect the DVI to HDMI cable if your laptop has only a HDMI cable out port. You could also inter-connect your television to your computer. HDMI is generally known by its full form as High-Definition Multimedia Interface, a similar technology to DVI that also inter-connects electronic devices for the purpose of delivering audio and video data. This HDMI cable can also be used to connect any device with your computer or laptop.

HDTV or High Definition Television is a most popular type of video watching today. There are several screens available which support this latest technology. However, the HDTV is yet to take over the market. There are still several screens which run on an older technology like Digital Video Interface or DVI. As a result of co-existence of these two technologies, there are times when we have to inter-connect these too. A DVI to HDMI cable is ideal for such requirements. Before we know more about the cable, first let us know more about these two technologies under constructions. A brief over view about these two cables would technologies would help you to understand how effective this cable could really be.

DVI or Digital video Interface was an industry standard developed in order to display high quality pictures on digital screens. This technology is quite different from the conventional VGA technology which used the picture tube. In the recent past, most of had LCD flat screen displays which used this DVI technology.

The main feature of the DVI technology was, as the name suggests, it was an only video interface. Therefore you could only send digital video signals over the DVI interface. You required a separate audio interface for the sound portion.

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI was a big development over the DVI. To start with it enhanced the quality of image being displayed by improving the pixel count per frame, which means that you get high definition or HD image on the screen. Secondly, it was no more a video interface however it was a multimedia interface, which means it sends both the audio and video data to the display screen. This enabled a lot of flexibility in the type of sources which could use this cable to transmit data.

These days everything from gaming consoles to HDTV digital receiver support the HDMI technology to provide a better viewing experience. HDMI cable is compatible with DVI which makes it in fact good for transmitting the technology. With the DVI to HDMI cable, you could now send video data to and from DVI sources to the High Definition Television without any problem. The only thing although is that through this DVI cable only video signals could be transmitted. Although HDMI supports audio, the DVI does not and therefore you cannot send sound data over the DVI cable. But, if you already have a computer or laptop with the DVI output and you would like to connect it to High Definition Television, you could do it effortlessly with this cable. It is reasonably priced and yet very functional. You could simple transition from DVI to HDMI cable without having to change everything you own.

The DVI to HDMI cable enables easy converting of the DVI to HDMI cable format with the use of the simple DVI to HDMI cable converter box. The DVI to HDMI cable conversion is the best solution which takes an existing DVI video data and displays it on the monitor or HDMI television without the requirement of upgrading the existing feature of the video. By this DVI to HDMI cable conversion, the life span of the products also increased. DVI to HDMI cable supports the resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 and 1080p. It is the best and inexpensive way in order to enhance the atmosphere. The resolution the goes into this DVI to HDMI cable converter, the same comes out of it as it does not down convert or up convert the signal.

The DVI to HDMI cable conversion of DVI video signal is needed to connect the computer to a device which has either Video Graphics Array or HDMI input. Normally, the latest TV models have HDMI inputs whereas the older monitors have the 15-pin VGA interface. The things needed while converting DVI to HDMI cable format include DVI to HDMI cable, a standard VGA cable and DVI (male) to VGA (female) adapter. The following things are to be considered while converting DVI to HDMI cable format. First, acquire a DVI to HDMI cable using the link. Then, plug the HDMI connector of the cable into the HDMI slot or port of your TV. Into the DVI port insert the DVI connector of the cable. Lastly, fasten the screws of the cable connector on both the sides so as to secure the connection.

However, if you need more information about DVI to HDMI cable, you could make use of the internet. There are several websites which provides DVI to HDMI cable articles, DVI to HDMI cable reviews, DVI to HDMI cable blogs, DVI to HDMI cable lessons and many more about the DVI to HDMI cable. There are even several video tutorials are able about how to connect the DVI to HDMI cable. Make use of these information and details about the DVI to HDMI cable and try to connect it to you TV or monitor and feel the experience.