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HDMI Cable Splitter

HDMI Cable Splitter

High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a technology used to inter-connect electronic audio and video equipments for the purpose of transmitting data. This process is accomplished with the use of a HDMI cable lead. These HDMI cable leads come in different lengths and types from which the customer can choose in order to satisfy his needs and penchants. HDMI cable splitter is one such famous type of cable lead. A HDMI cable splitter gives the user an easy method to receive any HDMI signal and display the received content on two different output receivers like monitors, televisions sets, or projectors through the process of splitting the content. This technology of a HDMI cable splitter was introduced in the year 2002, whereas the related products hit the markets only late in the year 2003.

The reasons for wanting a HDMI cable splitter are many. For example, a grocery store which has more than one monitor and wants to display the same audio and video on all its monitors. This HDMI cable splitter is not only useful for commercial purposes but also in many average homes. A television freak may want to watch his favourite program even in his shower, so he uses the HDMI cable splitter to facilitate a television in his shower area. This is the range of use of a HDMI cable splitter. You do not have to purchase a whole new bunch of electronic gadgets and cable boxes to fix a television elsewhere other than the living room. These electronic goods would cost you a whooping sum of money from your savings. All you need is a HDMI cable splitter and this can be done most conveniently.

There are other alternatives to a HDMI cable splitter which use the same HDMI technology. A wireless HDMI solution can be used for the purpose of splitting data but the expenses are equal to that of the cable box and other electronic goods. After taking the cost and effectiveness into consideration, a HDMI cable splitter will be the best option. However, the only drawback is that all these inter-connected television sets can play only the channel which is being operated on the main television. In the case of only two televisions using the HDMI cable splitter, one of them can be switched off and used according to your needs. Once you have purchased a high quality HDMI cable splitter, the deal is done and your job is very little. Easy, isn’t it?

First and foremost thing to make sure of before you buy a HDMI cable splitter is that it is the latest one. This has to be cross-checked as the HDMI cable splitter has to be compatible with all the advanced and latest electronic audio and video equipments. This will also enable you to use it with older devices as a HDMI cable splitter is backward compatible and has all the previous versions installed in it. The latest HDMI cable splitter also ensures optimum speed and prevents HDCP issues.

If the HDMI cable splitter is not powered properly, then you might have problems of degraded signals, low resolution output on the television or in the worst case, a complete signal drop and you are left with a blank screen to gape at. A reliable HDMI cable splitter will receive any HDMI signal and reproduces the signal and therefore, sends the same high-resolution picture on both the display screens at the same time.

A HDMI cable splitter has a couple of other uses too. The HDMI cable splitter comes as a useful device when you want a multi-equipment antenna. Hence, the HDMI cable splitter serves as a junction and splits the received signal. It is also applicable to devices such as an advanced DVD player or an old VCR. Some of the HDMI cable splitter devices contain gold in order to reduce the corrosion of wires. And similarly, the prices of these HDMI cable splitter devices vary as per the features and other specifications.

The different varieties of HDMI cable splitter available on the market is very vast. This allows the user to choose a HDMI cable splitter which is best suited to him. These include:

  • AV splitter cable
  • DVI cable splitter
  • VGA cable splitter
  • Monitor splitter cable
  • Splitter cable modem
  • Component splitter cable

Though the HDMI cable splitter comes in different lengths, it is best advised to opt for the smallest lengths as possible. This is because a longer HDMI cable splitter will have difficulty in the transfer of data and there are more chances of the data being tampered due to the long line of transmitting. The HDMI cable splitter should be handled with care. It should be kept at least six inches away from any power cord. Power cords have the potential to disrupt the construction of the HDMI cable splitter and thus tamper the output. Also remember that the cable should not be twisted and bundled. This too will disrupt the internal manufacture of the cable and the quality of the output is damaged.

There are two types of HDMI cable splitter which is available in the market. There is the round HDMI cable splitter as well as the flat HDMI cable splitter. The construction of both the HDMI cable splitters is the same but they are very different from the point of view of the usage. While the flat HDMI cable splitter is used for outdoor purpose, the round HDMI cable splitter is used for domestic use. This is because the flat HDMI cable splitter has the potential to prevent any damage due to the flat nature of its manufacture. The surface of the outdoor is very rough and unpredictable and thus the flat HDMI cable splitter is used. However, one should not neglect the safe guarding of the flat HDMI cable splitter just because it has the potential to resist the damage. Repeated damage will cause irreparable damage to the HDMI cable splitter and it will be of no use. So make use of a cloth if possible.