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5m HDMI Extension CableMale to Female

  • Ideal For Gaming and HD Viewing
  • FULL HD 1080p Compatible
  • All HDMI v 1.4 Supported
  • Lab tested to 10.2 Gigabit
  • 24 Karat Gold Plated connectors
Model number: CMFA5
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If you’re looking for a Male to Female HDMI Cable with Ethernet then this HDMI cable does exactly what it says on the box.

The Male to Female HDMI Cable with Ethernet – supporting the highest approved HDMI data rate, 10.2Gbps, covering 1080p up to 1440p.HD4K, Deep Colour and all 3D formats of the new HDMI v1.4 specification and all older versions.

The Male to Female HDMI Cable with Ethernet cable is simply one of those products that does it all, without having to spend a lot of money.

The Male to Female HDMI Cable with Ethernet cable is currently one of our preferred more affordable Male to Female HDMI Cables.

The Male to Female HDMI Cable with Ethernet cable comes in a wide range of lengths including some unusual lengths such as 1.5M that are not covered by most other HDMI cable brands.

The Male to Female HDMI Cable with Ethernet is suitable to connect to any of today’s most demanding High Definition ( HD ) equipment ,PS3, XBOX 360, Blu-ray Players, Digital Receivers, LCD TV's, LED TV's, Laptops, PC's, AV Receivers, AV Amplifiers HDMI Splitters, HDMI Switches.

  •  High Speed HDMI Cable
  •  10.2 GBPS Bandwidth
  •  24 Carat Gold Platedhover for more info
  •  Mylar Shielding
  •  1 Year Guarantee
  •  Supports HDMI v1.3b & v1.4

5m HDMI Leads - Male to Female Reviews

Melisa Fleeman
bargain prices for quality
Kenya Munyon
fitted to almost 7buildings had no complaints. great customer service and fast delivery.
Erik Paolini
Good buy for WII console
Darren Mcelwee
Great product, slight problem as our LCD socket was damaged but the cable was perfect
Clare Stolte
I found this to be a Super saving as i am a wholesale buyer and the hdmi cable is of quality definitely will be returning to get more I hope they dont run out!!
Tanisha Patnode
The display quality is amazing
Kelly Mcgoldrick
I am very satisfied with my hdmi cable purchase from this site thank you guys!!!
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HDMI Cable Uses:

  • XBOX 360
  • PS3
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Laptops AND PC's
  • AV Receivers
  • AV Amplifiers
  • HDMI Splitters
  • HDMI Switches
  • All TV's including LCD, Plasma, LED
  • Cable TV and Satellite TV
  • Digital Set-top Box
  • All devices with a HDMI port
Was: £32.99
Now: £3.29
All prices include VAT