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4M HDMI Cable

4M HDMI Cable

High Definition Multimedia Interface has the short form of the HDMI technology. In December, 2002, the HDMI technology was launched; however the HDMI equipped products were actually released in 2003. This was the very first interface that was supported by the industry ad that carried uncompressed video and audio over the same interconnect cable. This version was named as 4M HDMI Cable version 1.0. In May, 2004, a more advanced version of this 4M HDMI Cable was introduced. But the version list did not stop at this. The technology improved and advanced and newer versions came into the market that was of greater reliability and better quality. Although the technology was introduced in 2002, the HDMI equipped products were not released in the market until late in 2003. As soon as these HDMI equipped audio and video electronic devices hit the markets, the there was increase in the sales of the HDMI cables. This product became more popular in the market and became the standard example to products of High Definition Television connectivity.

There are several companies that came up with an idea related to the 4M HDMI Cable technology such as Philips, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sony, Silicone Image, Panasonic and Thomson. Now these companies are the leading producers of 4M HDMI Cables and wires. This 4M HDMI Cable is supported by Walt Disney and Fox, Warner Bros which are the leading motion pictures of the world and other local system operators. The main and most important use of the 4M HDMI Cable is that this single transfer cable can replace multiple cables while interconnecting two audio and visual electronic equipments. The other advantages that a 4M HDMI Cable provides are:

A 4M HDMI Cable does not compress the data while transferring it from single audio and video equipment to another and therefore, there is no hampering of the data or signals through compressing and uncompressing. This 4M HDMI Cable allows to get the best digital quality video and sound in the process. The latest feature of the 4M HDMI Cable is the automatic configuration support. This is an amazing feature or function of the 4M HDMI Cable, which provides a two-way communication between the display device and the source of the video. The technology of a 4M HDMI Cable is created in such a way that it is able to accept copper wires up to the length of fifteen meters and this is possible without the use of an HDMI amplifier. The 4M HDMI Cable could be used in various types of DVI-equipped electronic devices from its manufacturers, since it is fully backward compatible with the DVI technology. A HDMI transfer cable wire that is more than 15 meters long is very expensive to be manufacture when it is compared to smaller HDMI cables. Since the cost of production is less, a 4M HDMI Cable is available to the customers at an affordable and reasonable price.

Before purchasing a High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable or 4M HDMI Cable, there are several myths which have to broken. The first common misconception that most of the people have is that an expensive 4M HDMI Cable is of good quality and functions better. The expensive 4M HDMI Cable are incorporated with the signal boosters that help in better functioning or better transmission of signals. However, there is no much difference between other HDMI cables; you would find some minor differences. In an inexpensive or low priced 4M HDMI Cable, the number of connections and disconnections are very less when compared to the higher priced 4M HDMI Cable, therefore the price would vary accordingly to a greater extent. However, get fooled by buying an expensive 4M HDMI Cable. When you are in the market to purchase a4M HDMI Cable, most of the salesman might tell that the higher priced or branded 4M HDMI Cable would perform better than any other cable. But the fact is that all the HDMI cables are made by using the latest technology. Therefore you don’t give more importance to the brand or the high priced products. Check whether it is suitable for your electronic systems or not and check the average price of the 4M HDMI Cable. However, the above mentioned variations are the only distinguishers between the two. The construction of any 4M HDMI Cable is done in the same way, so the prices and quality do not vary to a very large extent. Therefore, decide to purchase a 4M HDMI Cable on the basis of its overall price rather than its brand.

Another false belief is that a longer HDMI cable is more efficient than the smaller size cable wire. Actually, the longer 4M HDMI Cable wire is less efficient as the signal of video and audio has to travel a long way and the signal may break during this long transmit of data. In addition, there are more opportunities of the signals getting distorted and hampered. Therefore, the myth of a longer 4M HDMI Cable is more efficient remains a myth.

While buying a 4M HDMI Cable, there are some factors which you have to be paid attention. You have to know the purpose of buying the 4M HDMI Cable. If it is for commercial use, then you might require a 4M HDMI Cable that are longer in lengths. However when you purchase a long 4M HDMI Cable, ensure it is of the higher quality which includes the signal boosters. This would prevent the data from getting hampered in the data transfer process. Or if the HDMI cable is for home usage, then smaller sized like a 4M HDMI Cable would be the perfect one. Also the 4M HDMI Cable has to be compatible with your latest audio and video electronic devices. If you are not sure about the rating of the 4M HDMI Cable which you have decided to purchase, then take help from the authorized dealer. Being your advisor, the dealer would provide detailed information about the 4M HDMI Cable you want to buy and why it is best suited to your video and audio electronic devices.