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Is an HDMI Cable Only for HD?

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Is an HDMI Cable Only for HD?

High-Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is the technology, which has brought better communication between a number of different devices and could be used to connect computers, laptops, notebooks, Blu-ray players, DVD players, and gaming consoles to computer monitors, video projectors, or HDMI-enabled TV sets. Unlike the DVI cables, the HDMI cables transport not only video, but also audio, and the latest, 1.4 version come even with Ethernet channel, audio return channel, 4K × 2K Resolution Support, and 3D over HDMI support. However, despite its name, HDMI is not only for high definition video, but supports any uncompressed PC or TV video format, and this includes standard and enhanced video.
The HDMI devices, which were first introduced in the consumer market in 2003 are offering exciting new features and enabling us to enjoy superb quality picture and sound. Using the HDMI cables comes with a number of benefits - even though the different versions and varieties could be a tad confusing, connecting your devices with a single cable is far easier than using separate cables for audio and video and trying to figure out which end goes where. When selecting a HDMI cable instead, all you need to do is pick the right length and purchase a higher quality one. The cheapest HDMI cables would normally work well too and you might not see any picture or sound distortion, but if you want a cable that would last and one that would perform well even over greater distance, then you should purchase a higher quality one.
Another great advantage of the HDMI cables is the fact that you can use them with such a wide variety of devices, and as newer mobile devices are released on the market each year, most of them are likely to come with native HDMI support as well. For instance, most of the stand-alone camcorders and digital cameras, which have been released in 2011, come with mini HDMI leads, which allow you to connect them directly to HDTV, HDMI-enabled projectors, or computers. Even the first-generation 1.0 version of the technology came with a support for Consumer Electronic Control (CEC), which allows the user to control numerous HDMI -enabled devices with a single remote control, and the updated Consumer Electronic Control commands of the 1.3 and 1.4 versions expends this functionality even further.
In conclusion - the HDMI cables are not designed for HD only and can be used with a wide array of devices.