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HDMI Cables & HDMI Leads

HDMI cables are now the most common connection between a wide range of electrical products ranging from HD TVís and Blu-Ray players to Xbox 360ís and PS3ís. HDMI is a compact AV interface which transmits along a single HDMI lead and which can support both high definition video and up to 8 channels of high quality digital audio. In basic, a HDMI cable is used to connect your devices together and enable the transmission of a high quality digital audio and visual signal.

HDMI cables transmit uncompressed digital signals in a high definition format between a range of devices and a display unit. Common uses of HDMI leads are between games consoles and a TV or between a high definition Blu-Ray player and a display unit. HDMI supports the transmission of high definition video signals without compromising on picture quality which occurs when traditional AV cables are used.

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From gold plated HDMI cables to flat HDMI leads, you can be sure to find almost any cable or leads youíre looking for at HDMICable4U.co.uk, be it to connect your PS3 to your TV or your laptop to a monitor in stunning hi-definition. If youíre struggling to find what youíre looking for or would like some advice on the most suitable HDMI cables or leads for your device, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0845 676 9233.